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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stampede Weekend

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer :) Heat waves and all!

The title of this makes me chuckle but it seemed most fitting. We are not actually big fans of the Calgary Stampede even though it is a worldwide attraction. It seems to bring out the scandalous side of people and it breaks my heart that the level of infidelity rises greatly in Calgary during the 10 (?) day event. One day when Taylor is a bit older we will most likely take her to do some of the kiddie things, but for now we just like to enjoy the free Stampede Breakfasts that get put on throughout the city! So, our version of a "Stampede Weekend" haha is taking Taylor to a Stampede Breakfast! Free pancakes and sausage and juice O My! (It is not super thrilling but we did have a fun time and it was just a really nice weekend!)

Ok so Ian doesn't quite look awake yet haha I don't think either of us were but here we are ready to head into the big city (hehe) Taylor was really ready for the day :)

On the drive (gotta love a bad selfie!)

See, a beautiful day!

At the breakfast. She must have been thinking.. "Mom and Dad, this is a lot like every other time I am in my stroller." 

BUT then we went to Petland! (All the pictures that really show her excitement are too blurry because she was showing her enthusiasm, but I assure you she was happy happy!)

That was Saturday and then Sunday we just hung out in the backyard after church but it was still a fun time! 

So these are not stellar photos BUT I am pleased to have captured some of Taylor's firsts :) 

Happy summer! With love.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Half a Year already!!

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe how time flies! It is crazy that it has been 6 months since our little girl was born and we got to bring her home! She has grown so much and is such a bundle of fun. I have so so many pictures but for now I will just give a quick overview of her growth through the months.

Just fresh at home:

And the rest are pretty self explanatory :)

So there you have it. It truly is crazy how fast they grow! There is no other way to describe it.

Hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather! 

With love.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Taylor Lynn Oenema

Hello Everyone!

First, I want to thank all of you for your prayers. We appreciated it so much and truly were put at peace while we were experiencing the unexpected with our little sweet pea. Taylor is small but very healthy and doctors don't have any concerns, and I am recovering well. So praise the Lord!

So, Tuesday September 17th I went in to the hospital because I thought that my water might have broken and it was still 1 week and 1 day before my due date. They checked and baby girl was healthy and my water had not broken. I was a little disappointed by this, only because I was already getting anxious to meet her and Ian was soon going to be working out of town and I did not want to go into labor with him gone.

The nurses were just finishing up with me to send me home when one more doctor wanted to do a last check. She said it didn't seem like baby was in the right spot so they did an ultrasound. We then discovered that she was breech. This is not something you want to hear when you are basically 39 weeks pregnant. The doctor then told me I could try and have baby turned from the outside but that there was only a small chance that I would be able to deliver naturally and they would probably need to set up a date for a scheduled c-section. I then lost it... if I have talked to any of you, you know the only thing I really really didn't want was a c-section. Here I was wishing I had brought my husband, but the nurses and doctors were kind and understanding. It was shocking because for weeks my doctors had been telling me that she was head down and ready for delivery. I suppose it is hard to tell a little bum from a little head from the outside.

Everything went really fast from this point on and I can see how God had his hand in every part of the day. Thankfully there was the best "baby-turning" doctor on that day and he said he could make time to do the procedure at 7pm. So I could go home, grab my husband and be back by 615pm.

After arriving back at the hospital they put in an IV and we waited for what would be the most painful 5 minutes EVER. Who knew?? Both an intern and then the "miracle doctor" himself tried to maneuver our baby from outside. Ouch. In the end her bum was so deep in my pelvis that I was left with some hefty bruises and still the necessity to have a c-section. They gave us the option to go way south to a different hospital to try delivering naturally with her breech, but we thought the risks were too great, so we opted out.

They then grabbed their book to book the appointment and discovered that there wasn't a free slot until Sept 27th. 10 days later. BUT as the Lord would have it they had extra staff on that night and were willing to go through with it right away. So, YIKES, no turning back at this point. Again, everything went very quickly from here on.

Remember, we had the turning procedure done at 7pm.

At 9:18pm, Taylor Lynn was born. She weighed a teeny tiny 6lb 3oz and was 19 inches long. The doctors tried to have her delivered at 9:17 because her birth day was 9/17 but alas it took them 1 extra minute haha. But, she was healthy and strong. She passed her Apgar (??) test with flying colors!

We then stayed in the hospital for about 42 hours, and Thursday Sept 19th they let us go home!

Since getting home we have already had two visits from nurses, Taylor is still healthy, I am still recovering well, and I no longer have frankenstein staples in my belly!

So there you have it! Praise the Lord our baby is home and healthy :) And so thankful to mom and dad for coming to help out and cooking up a storm before they leave tomorrow!

Thank you again for all your prayers! They are still very much appreciated in this new crazy time of life and readjustment! 

With love.